Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Habitat Coffee Review

Habitat Coffee Review

On my first visit, I only ordered coffee and was pretty impressed. So I went back for a second visit and a food review ! 

Habitat Coffee Review
Cutlery Holder

The pasta has big pieces of sausage, which taste freshly made and good quality. Freshly made processed sausages are a real thing right. It's somewhat like a usual Carbonara, but the sauce isn't as heavy, so I would go for this again. 

Habitat Coffee Review
Cheesynara Pasta 
 Oh, I was really glad cos the Shepherd's Pie is made of CHICKEN. Which seemed quite unusual but good at the same time. So if you like the mashed potato on top, but don't really eat beef or lamb, do try this one at Habitat Coffee. Would it be considered Halal?

Habitat Coffee Review
He Will Guide You - Shepherd's Pie
I'm not a big fan of Truffle Fries, but Truffle Oil is quite expensive which seems to make it more popular and taste nicer. To me, it's a bit of an acquired taste, but I still couldn't help my hands from grabbing another and another and another of the crunchy fries.

Habitat Coffee Review
Hello Truffle Fries 
 Dessert time !
It must be the good coffee, or the irish cream that made this so tasty. I wonder if the barrister would make a new cup if the art on the top turned out ugly. Coffee art always puts a smile on my face, though they only last for the few moments.

Habitat Coffee Review
Irish Cream Coffee 
Top shelf of the cake display, I saw this cake and was immediately drawn to it. Left the last 2 slices, so it should be quite popular. Glad that it didn't disappoint me.

Habitat Coffee Review
Salted Caramel Carrot Cake
 Not the best waffles I've had as they're made to be crispy. It says somewhere in the menu "crispy waffles" so they probably taste better with some melted ice cream. Drowned them in maple syrup instead.
Habitat Coffee Review
Belgian Waffles
 And here's my ever-favorite Affogato. A scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream, and a shot of espresso. The experience of pouring the espresso over the ice cream yourself is much more satisfying than having it served to you already mixed. The first mouth of hot coffee with ice cold ice cream is the best.

Habitat Coffee Review
Habitat Coffee Affogato 

Habitat Coffee Singapore Review

Overall, I have to say that I highly recommend Habitat Coffee because the food, desserts and drinks are all really good. Definitely try the Affogato if you haven't had one before. The food selection is just sufficient that I can feel each dish is well prepared. It's tasty, it's hot and fresh. There's really nothing I can complain about the food we ordered. 

I just love places that don't add GST/Service charge such as Habitat Coffee. The prices are affordable, so I will definitely come back when I crave for pasta. 

It's got a good location, with a bus stop just outside, that my friends found it so convenient. 

Thank you Habitat Coffee for adding to the vibrant food/coffee scene at Upper Thomson !!  

Check out the Habitat Coffee Menu here 

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