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Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Menu

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Menu

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Menu
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Caramel / Mocha / Hazelnut / Tiramisu / Vanilla / Irish Cream $5.90/$6.90


Ice Latte $5.90
Ice Long Black $4.90


Caramel / Mocha / Hazelnut / Tiramisu / Vanilla / Irish Cream $6.90


Hot Chocolate $4.90/$5.90
Hot Tea $4
(English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Chamomile, Peppermint)

Ice Chocolate $5.90
Ice Habitat Fusion Tea $4.90
(Lychee, Peach or Longan)
Ice Lemon-Up $4.50
Ice Brewed Lemon Tea $4
Ice Juice Soda $4
(Orange, Guava, Apple)
Soft Drink $3.50
(Coke, Coke Zero, 7-up)


Espresso $2.50/$3
Macchiato $3.50
Long Black $3.90/$4.90
Piccolo $4.20
Cafe Latte $4.90/$5.90
Cappuccino $4.90/$5.90
Flat White $4.90/$5.90


Homemade Ice Cream 1/2/3scoop $3.50/$6.50/$9.50
Affogato (Homemade Icecream + Espresso) $5.90
Belgian Waffle Combo 1/2/3scoop $7/$10/$12.50
Plain waffles (with butter, chocolate and maple syrup) $4.50
Brownie Combo (1 scoop) $6.50
Fudgy Brownie $3.50

Cakes available in display 

Check with the staff for ice-cream flavours


Habitat Ham & Cheese $7
(Honey baked ham with a generous spread of cheese and wild rocket)
Chicken Shreds $8
(Shredded Chicken fillet with Mozzarella, tomatoes and olives)
Bacon Mozzarella $8
(Oven baked bacon with mozzarella, tomatoes and lettuce)
Tuna Mash $8
(Caesar dressed tuna mash with cheese, tomatoes and raisins)
ALL-DAY BRUNCH (Tues-Friday 11am-5.30pm, Sat & Sun ALL DAY)

The Big Ben $14
(Scrambled egg & honey baked ham on english fluff, 100gm chicken cheese sausage, oven baked tomato and mini potato pancakes)
Eggs Benedict $12
(Poached eggs & honey baked ham on sundried tomato bread topped with hollandaise sauce)
The Shrooms $12
(Poached egg & sauteed mushroom on Brioche Bread topped with homemade hollandaise sauce)
Waffle Sunrise $10
(Poached, scrambled or sunny side-up eggs with crisp Belgian waffles)
Mama's Banana Pancakes $10
(Homemade pancakes topped with maple syrup, caramelized bananas, drizzled with choco & strawberry syrups)
Apple Pancakes $10
(Fresh caramelized apple slices with cinnamon & raisins)

Add on + Sauteed mushroom/ Bacon/ Egg/ Salad/ Sausage/ Ham $2


King's Salad $7
(Fresh greens topped with streaky bacon bits and classic croutons) 
Dressings (Olive oil salt and pepper/ Caesar/ Balsamic) 
Foutine $8
Fries topped with homemade brown gravy and cheese
Hello Truffle Fries $8
(Fries with fine grated parmesan, we give you our home seasoned Truffle Fries)
He Will Guide You $8
(Personal stone oven-baked Shepherd's Pie with zesty bruschetta on toast) 
Cheese on Toast $8
(Toast bread topped with generous spread of cheese serve with house salad
Spreads (Black pepper/ Curry/ Mix Cheese)


Curry It $12
(Asian Curry Chicken Sauteed with pasta & grated parmesan cheese)
Chick Bo $13
(Special sauced spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise)
Cheesynara $16
(Cream pasta served up with chicken sausage & fresh bacon)
Take Shiitake $12
(Sauteed wild mushroom with Aglio Olio Linguine & cherry tomatoes)
Ocean Linguine $16
(Grounded black pepper seafood Aglio Olio with white wine)
Something Fishy $14
(Aglio Olio sauteed with juicy Tuna chunks and topped with olives)
Blacken Dory $16 
(Black pepper pan fried Dory with Aglio Olio Linguine)

Habitat Coffee Menu

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Menu
Habitat Coffee Drinks and Dessert Menu
Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Menu
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