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Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review

Birthday boy was craving some poached eggs so it was a good opportunity for us to try the brunch menu at Habitat Coffee. Usually dining here on weekdays meant I could finally experience the weekend crowd here. I have written about their non-brunch food here Habitat Coffee Review and also provided their menu here Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Menu

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review
Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home. 
The place was packed when we arrived at 3pm. Managed to get a table for 2 at the upstairs area which I felt was quite squeezy. Luckily the table next to us left after awhile and we gladly combined tables for a more breathable time. 

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review
The Big Ben with poached egg 
Though their selection isn't very wide, I think quality is the most important factor coupled with good prices. I find the Big Ben very affordable at $14 for a hearty set that comes with a juicy sausage, ham, baked tomato, english muffin and potato pancakes. The set comes with scrambled eggs but I opted to switch to one poached egg, for no additional charge. The potato pancakes were delicious and probably healthier than the usual hashbrowns. I was very pleased with the portion of the set which was just right. Their special homemade hollandaise sauce is also very good with a more runny texture which I really liked.

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review
Waffle Sunrise with extra mushrooms

The next choice I made was the Waffles Sunrise because it's a wonderful combination of both sweet and savoury aspects of breakfast. Getting to eat one bite of scrambled eggs, and then the next bite of waffles with maple syrup is the best way to enjoy food. The eggs were abit tasteless on their own but when eaten with the homemade hollandaise sauce, it becomes a star party in the mouth. I added on an extra side of sauteed mushrooms, though I was abit disappointed because I prefer white button mushooms to shitake mushrooms.

 For drinks, we ordered a delicious caramel iced coffee and iced chocolate. Haven't yet mastered the art of making a picture of iced coffee look nice so I shall not include them. You have to try their coffee to know how good it is.

Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review
Happy Birthday ! 
 Sat beside this piece of art so I snapped a picture of it. Dear coffee, I love you, and I love many other things too.
Habitat Coffee Upper Thomson Brunch Review
Dear Coffee I Love You 

Habitat Coffee Brunch Review

Overall I'm very pleased with the price and quality of the brunch at Habitat Coffee. They have never failed me in terms of their food or drinks. The coffee is especially commendable as they manage to bring out the flavor of the coffee without overpowering it with any additional flavors I choose such as Caramel which usually tends to turn out too sweet in many places. Definitely worth the slight crowded-ness of the weekend.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crust Pizza Upper Thomson Review

Crust Pizza Upper Thomson Review

Crust Pizza is so far the longest standing Pizza shop along Upper Thomson Road, not including Pizza Hut in Thomson Plaza and Domino's delivery at Sin Ming Road. Seldom see business bustling, even the weekend crowd wouldn't be considered too great in my opinion.

I ate here during their opening but haven't been back since as my parents are not really pizza fans. However, I popped by for dinner as it was just Mom and I that night. We ordered a Caesar Salad and half-half pizza of five spice pork belly and the smoked ham with pineapple (hawaiian).

The salad was quite good as they are generous with the ingredients and the vegetables are very fresh. They sauce came seperately so I could mix it to my own liking. I was very pleased with this as I don't like to see the vegetables smeared with sauce. The croutons tasted a bit strange/sour to me but Mom said it tasted normal. There are also this huge chunks of bacon bits which were very surprisingly tasty.

On the left is the five spice pork belly and on the right is the smoked ham with pineapple. Both have picture features on the menu which is why I chose them. In conclusion, hawaiian pizza will never go wrong. The five spice pork belly flavor was abit too salty as they use a peking duck style sauce which was quite unbearable in my opinion. Though the taste was balanced out with a soft poached pear and walnuts, I hope their chef can look into the sauce.

Actually I really like the pizza dough as it is a bit crispy and a bit soft. As the pizza slowly cooled down and I had my 3rd slice, the dough still wasn't soggy.

Service was good as we were the only table that night. Dedicated service and I felt like we had booked the whole place for a romantic dinner.

Crust Pizza Singapore Upper Thomson Overall Review

Overall, I think that this place is worth visiting for their extensive choices of pizza flavor. Just because I had one bad flavor doesn't mean I'll rule out this place forever. They have alot of unique flavors which I'd like to go back and try.

Salmon Benedict
Peri Peri Chicken
Mediterranean Lamb

215R Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore 574349
Tel 6456 1555

Mon - Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat & Sun 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good Cafes At Upper Thomson

Good Cafes At Upper Thomson

Cafes used to be a big part of my life when studying in Australia. The Melbourne coffee culture usually consisted of dark coffee houses playing music. Cafe by day and bar by night. My favorites were those with an alfresco area overlooking the street below, good for people watching.

Now I'm in Singapore, here is my list of good cafes at Upper Thomson :


Little Part 1 Cafe

Indie cafe with really good buffalo wings. Good for tea time and dinner, with a nice selection of beers and ciders to accompany your food.

15 Adelphi Road
Tel 6451 7553

read Little Part 1 Cafe Review


Habitat Coffee

All day brunch for weekends and on weekdays till 5.30pm. They have a good selection of cakes to go along with your coffee.

223 Upper Thomson Road
Tel 6456 2567

read Habitat Coffee Review


Neli's Ice Cream


Serves both ice cream and coffee to satisfy both your cravings. Plan for holiday trips using their collection of destination maps, guidebooks and magazines.

233 Upper Thomson Road
Tel 6452 2410

Read Neli's Ice Cream Review

Little Pancakes

Sweet and savoury 3 inch pancakes which smell heavenly. Lots of iced coffee and frappes for hot days. 

200 Upper Thomson Road #01-04
Tel 6258 8515 


Dino Cake House and Cafe

Nice cafe with pies, cakes and pastries. Nice for a light tea time snack. 

257 Upper Thomson Road 
6552 5088 

Cafes In Upper Thomson

These are my favorite cafes in Upper Thomson, mainly because they are the ones that serve freshly made coffees.

[Closed] Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors

[Closed] Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors

Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors
Ice Cream
1 scoop $3.50 standard/ $4.50 premium
2 scoops $6 standard/ $7 premium
Takeaway pints $10 standard/ $12 premium

Cakes and Waffles
Waffle Cone $0.80
Belgian Waffle $3.50
Brownie $3.50
Lava Cake $4.50

Milkshake $7++
Ice Cream Float $5++
Affogato $5++

Espresso / Long Black $2.80
Cappuccino/ Latte $3.50
Hot Chocolate $4
Hot Tea $2.50
Soft Drinks $1.50
Mineral Water $1.50

+Ice for Coffee or Tea $0.50
+Toppings $0.50

Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors

Black Sesame
-nutty fragrance Goma icecream
Brandied Cherry Choc
-brandied cherries are generously swirled into a chocolate base for maximum pleasure
Butterscotch Nuts
-a decadent whisky ice cream base paired with buttered walnuts
-hot caramelised milk frozen into a scoop
Caramel Delight (Christmas special)
-Caramel icecream, white chocolate, cranberries. Santa's luvin it
Chocolate Banana
-chocolate banana icecream with chunks of sea salt caramelised bananas
Dark Chocolate
-contains Valrhona chocolate, lots of it.
Chrysanthemum Sorbet
-refreshing chrysanthemum sorbet with wolfberries
-made with coconut milk and coconut flakes for maximum flavor and double the fun
Cookies & Cream
-full of cookies
Earl Grey
-use premium tea leaves for a strong brew
Green Tea
-like frozen matcha latte
Honey Pumpkin (Halloween Special)
-Halloween special treat
-Malted milk ice cream paired with oatmeal squares
-perfect blend of coffee and Valrhona chocolate
Lemon Sorbet
-mouth puckering delight sure to please those who love lemons
Pear Sorbet
-packs a powerful punch of pear proportions
Peanut Butter
Peppermint Frost (Christmas special)
-peppermint icecream with after eights and marshmallows
Ribena Sorbet
-chilled version of the blackcurrant drink
Rum Raisins
-our raisins had a pool party in the rum
Sea Salt Chocolate
-sweet and salty combo
Stout Chocolate
-dark(er) side of beer with this potent pint (pun intended)
-scraped every last bit of vanilla beans so the icecream is polka dotted with black specks

Neli Ice Cream Thomson

To read my review click here Neli's Ice Cream Review

[Closed] Neli's Ice Cream Review

Neli's Ice Cream Review

Neli's Ice Cream Review

Neli's is a travel-themed lifestyle ice cream cafe. They have a departure/ arrival style menu like where you would go check flight timings at the airport. Then you order from their friendly 'cabin crew' and collect your ice cream from the pint belt like collecting your baggage and start your journey around the world. 

Neli's Ice Cream Review

It would be a great place to plan holiday trips as they have travel maps, guidebooks and magazines on display. There are also these notebooks where customers have written down their recommendations on where to go too. The sitting area reminded me of study areas in the library. It makes for a good discussion area if you are planning a trip with friends.  

Neli's Ice Cream Review
Book shelf full of travel tip resources

Ordered an Affogato and 3 scoops of Ice cream. Was quite surprised that we could choose which flavor of ice cream to go with the Affogato as most places just serve it with Vanilla. You could get really creative i guess. Perhaps coffee and Earl Grey Tea ice cream to get a Yuan Yang?
The Affogato looked more like a float as the Ice Cream was floating at the top of this big cup of coffee. Perhaps their espresso shot is larger than usual. 

Neli's Ice Cream Review
Affogato with Vanilla Ice Cream
The Earl Grey flavor was unanimously the best out of the 3. I would definitely come back when I'm craving this flavor as it tastes as good as drinking a cup of hot tea, but iced. The Cookies and Cream which I chose was disappointing as I was expecting something creamy with lots of cookie chunks similar to the Haagen Daaz tub :p Horlicks flavor was quite light but was nice too. So in order of preference for the night would have to be 1. Earl Grey 2. Horlicks 3. Cookies & Cream.

Neli's Ice Cream Review
Horlicks, Earl Grey Tea and Cookies & Cream

Their icecream philosophy, which I have typed out below. 
Neli's Ice Cream Review
About their ice cream

Every other ice cream shop uses the word “artisanal” so we’ll make it sound simple. We handmake all our ice creams from scratch – just basic ingredients milk, cream and sugars. No artificial flavouring, no colouring, nothing fake. Every single bin of ice cream is painstakingly hand whisked (hello triceps and biceps!) and churned in small batches in our kitchen.  
We squeeze the most out of our ingredients – vanilla pods are scraped clean of beans, premium early grey leaves soak a night (or two) before churning, bananas are perfectly ripe and caramelized, gummy bears bathed in vodka till they’re drunk – to ensure that our flavours are rich and luxurious.
New flavours and mix-ins dance around in our minds every waking moment (even in the shower!) and we approach every new trial with excitement and anticipation. With that said, there are rounds of trial and error for each new flavour before it gets to wave to customers on our shelves.

Neli Ice Cream Thomson

Overall I like Neli's Ice Cream for their cool Mint and White color scheme and spacious layout. Would come back to try their other flavors as the Ribena Sorbet has caught my eye. Heard that they have Gummy Bears soaked in vodka in them. I used to always mix Gummy Bears with my ice cream at ColdRock Creamery. 

Neli's Ice Cream Review

233 Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore 574364
Tel 6452 2410
Sun- Thurs 12pm - 11pm
Fri & Sat 12pm- 1am  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming Review

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming Review

Nestled in one of the industrial areas of Sin Ming, facing auto repair shops, Ubin Seafood is a place which requires effort to get to. It's located right at the end of the lane and would be quite a distance to walk in. The parking area looks quite dark and secluded though the food is well worth it.

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
just SOME of the food they have on menu 
Opened in !986, Ubin Seafood has expanded their culinary expertise to serve not only fresh seafood and traditional zi char, but also a Singaporean take on American, French, Italian and Indian cuisines. I seriously questioned why there was such a mashup of different styles on offer, but I believe that what matters is the quality of the food. I'm sure they had to be pretty confident that everything on the menu is delicious in order to include it. 

First up, we were informed of their promotion to receive a FREE lime juice drink. Just 'Like' their Facebook page or Check-in to the restaurant and show it to the staff. The auntie stood beside us and watched as we did it, then proudly announced that we can get the free drinks. Quite a good tactic when implemented fervently by the staff. 

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Stir Fried Vegetable 
Vegetable for the night. Served with small prawns (Hey Bi) and Seaweed. Can tell that the chef pays attention to detail as the stems were peeled slightly, making it soft and juicy. No chewy fibrous taste in the mouth. 
New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Salted Egg Squid
The picture in the menu looked very good so we ordered the Salted Egg Yolk Squid. The squid was cooked just nice, soft and chewy. Though it wasn't the usual deep fried Calamari style I was expecting, I think this version is healthier.

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Star of the night: Angus Ribeye
When I think of beef at a Zi Char stall, I'd think of black bean sauce, spring onion and ginger or even black pepper sauce. However, reviews were all raving about this Angus Ribeye steak, so we definitely had to order it. We chose to have it done Medium-Well because my friend doesn't like bloody meat. I think it is done really well because it retains the juicy flavor with a very nice texture. Apparently, the mark of a good chef is making Well-done beef taste good. Ubin Seafood has really set the mark here. The price is definitely reasonable at $10 per 100g. Minimum cuts start at 500g.

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
This beef fried rice is fried using the remaining fat and oil from the above steak. Was shocked when I first saw someone say this fried rice costs $50. I was like "Is the Beef Fried Rice at Ubin Seafood really $50??!!". Really breathed a sigh of relief when the beef fried rice and steak comes in a set. So it's really worth it to get 2 things for the price of 1.

On first glance it looked like Claypot rice, dark in color, with this chaota (burnt) black bits. I am guessing that those burnt looking things are fats or tendons? 

Anyway it is definitely something I have never tasted. The rice is oily without tasting too heavy. I especially liked eating the beef and the fried rice together, as shown below. 

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
2 in 1 goodness in every mouthful 

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Let's Eat ! 

New Ubin Seafood Beef

The star of the night if the Beef at New Ubin Seafood. The meat is chunky, juicy and tender. I think it is cooked very well and makes it good for sharing as compared to eating an entire slab of steak as a main course. It comes with potato wedges and caramelized onions. Haven't eaten such good caramelized onions in awhile. It is definitely a must try.

Visit their website for more Ubin Seafood Signature Dishes

Ubin Seafood 
Blk 27 Sin Ming Road (Behind Blk 26)
Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A 
Singapore 575680 
Tel 6466 9558 
Mon - Fri 11am-2pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm Last Order
Sat & Sun 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm- 10.30pm Last Order 

Advised to make booking on their website or call reservation for Fri, Sat & Sun dinner. 

Click here to see a list of the menu New Ubin Seafood Menu

New Ubin Seafood Menu

New Ubin Seafood Menu

(1) XXL Sri Landan $5.50 per 100g
(2) Promotional Crab (2+1) for $72, 1 for $36
Classic Chilli
Black or White Pepper
Garlic Bake
Salted Egg
Garlic Pepper
Spring Onion & Ginger
Butter Cream or Butter Flour
Plain Steamed
Braised with Bee Hoon
Crab Bee Hoon Soup
Crab Porridge- Advance notice for Fri, Sat, Sun and PH
Yellow Row Cold Crabs ($5.50 per 100g)

Squid $12, $18, $20
Crispy Baby Squid
Butter Battered Baby Squid
Steamed Baby Squid
Salt & Pepper Squid
Salted Egg Squid

Oysters/ Clams $12, $18, $20
Bamboo clams $8 per clam (Promo 2+1)
Flower Clams
Lala Clams
Local Scallops
Mussels (Tua Tow)

One day pre-order
Pacific Oysters $3.50(reg)/ $6.50(jumbo)
Poached Cockles $6
Poached Gong Gong $6
Sambal Chut Chut $12

De Blanc- stir fried with spring onion & white wine
Stir fried with White Wine & Garlic
Steamed with Garlic, Scallions & Light Soya Sauce
Classic Chilli
Stir fried with Beanpaste & Chilli Padi
Stir fried Spring Onions & Chili
Chinchalok & Petai Sambal or Sambal Belachan

(1) XL Tiger at $10/100g (Promo 2+1)
(2) Ang Kah Hei (Wild Caught Sea Prawns) $6/100g
Kong Chin Har Lok
Butter Cream Sauce
Garlic Pepper
Butter Flour
Salted Egg
Poached/ Poached with Rice Wine
Prawn Rolls (Her Chor) $12, $18, $20
Garlic Steamed
Oatmeal/ Cereal
Herbal Prawns Soup (Additional $2)
Fried Baby Shrimp $12, $18, $20
BBQ King Tiger Prawns
Salt & Pepper

Fish (Price per 100g)
Red Grouper $6
Emperor Snapper (Ang Sai) $5
Sea Bass $6
Grey Pomfret (Tao Toi Cheor) $6.50
White Pomfret (Pek Cheor) $5.50
Brown Pomfret $4.50
Marble Goby (Soon Hock) $5.50
Angkoli n(Goldband Snapper) $4
Patin (Pre-order)(Silver Catfish) $6.50
Golden Trevally (Boonang) $3.25
Rabbit Fish (Pei Tor) $3.25
Threadfin Tail (Ngoh Her) $6.50
X- Fish- Baby Barracuda (Swa Koon) $3 each
Great Shovelnose Ray Steaks $4.50
Flounder $4.50
Threadfin Fish Slices $6.50
Curry Fish Head $24
Threadfin (Ngoh Her) $5
Bighead Carp (Song He) $4.50
Claypot Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce with Bitter Gourd $24
Mackerel Slices (Batang) $4
Fish Roe $14
Stingray $4.50
Charcoal Steamboat
Claypot with Black Beans & Bitter Gourd
Steamed HK Style
Steamed Teochew Style
Steamed Nonya Style
Steamed with garlic, ginger & chilli
Steamed with  brown beans, sour plum & ginger
Claypot in a Coconut Curry + Smoked Fish (Additional $5)
Braised Traditional Style (black beans, onions, lime & chilli)
Baked Kampong Style (coated with chilli, garlic & beanpaste wrapped in pandan leaf)
Cooked in Rice Porridge $6, $8, $10
Cooked in Soup with Bee Hoon $6, $8, $10 (milk?)
Sambal Chinchalok & Petai (optional)(Additional $5)

Frogs $16.50 set of 2
Dried Chilli Szechuan Style
Spring Onion & Ginger
Hot Plate Sambal
Black Pepper
Steamed Frog with Essence of Chicken $24

Lobster (price per 100g)
Atlantic Lobster (1 day pre-order) $15
Rock Lobster $10
Slipper Lobster $5
Black Pepper
Garlic Pepper
Spring Onion & Ginger
Butter Cream
Chilled with Fruit Salad (1day notice)
Cheese Baked
Salted Egg
White Pepper
Braised with Ee Meen $6, $9, $12
Porridge $6, $8, $10
Ubin Steamed (Garlic, Scallions & Light Soya Sauce)

Supreme Ribs $10, $15, $18
Coffee Ribs $10, $15, $18
Mongolian Ribs $10, $15, $18
Sweet & Sour $10, $15, $18
Braised Pork Knuckle (1day notice) $24
Crispy Pork Knuckle German Style $24
Kong Bak Pow (1day notice) $15, $24
BBQ Square Ribs $19, $35

Chicken $10, $15, $20 or otherwise indicated
Roast Chicken $14.80 half, $18.80 whole
Herbal Chicken $24 (1 full day notice)
Braised Chicken with Cucumber $38 (1 full day notice)
Har Cheong Kai
Sweet & Sour
Spring Onion
Black Pepper
Tequila Chicken in Claypot $16, $18, $20
Dried Chilli Szechuan Style
Chicken Chop with Thai Chilli Sauce (Boneless)
BBQ Chicken Wings $3.50 per piece
Smoked Duck Breast $15.75 per piece
Smoked Roast Whole Duck $48 (3 days pre-order)
Phoenix Chicken $48 (1 full day notice)
(Boneless whole chicken coated with squid paste)
BBQ Boneless Chicken Thai $3.50 per piece
(Lemon Sauce Chicken)

$8, $10, $12
Kang Kong
Sweet Potato Leaf
Baby Kai Lan

$10, $16, $18
Dou Miao
Mixed Vegetables
Holland Beas
Yam Delight
(Yam with mushrooms and Angel Gourd)
Ngai Pai Chye
Vegetarian Delight (Lua Han Chye)
HK Kai Lai Special
Brinjal Delight

3 Eggs
Silver Fish
Dried Plaice
Smoke Fish
Smoked Duck
Smoked Pork
Dried Glass Fish
Sliced Fish
Fresh/ Dried Shitake Mushroom
Porchini/ Chantterel Mushroom
Chinchalok & Petai Sambal

$10, $16, $18
Deep Fried (Plain)
Stir Fried with Vegetables
Claypot BEancurd
$12, $18, $20
Stir Fried with Crab Meat
Braised with Golden Mushroom
Stir Fried with Seafood

$6, $10, $12
Bitter Gourd
$10, $16, $18
Silver Fish
Smoke Pork
Oyster (Normal/ Sambal Belachan)

Pork, Chicken, Beef, Mutton $0.60 per stick
Ketupat $1 each

BBQ Meats
Back Ribs (Pork) $35 full/ $19 half
Korean Style LA Ribs (US) $6
US Certified Black Angus Ribeye Steak served with Potato wedges, Caramelised Onions and Beef Fried Rice $10
Smoked Duck Breast $15.75 per piece
Lamb Chop $5
Pork Chop $5
Chicken Thigh in BBQ Sauce $5
Tandoori Style Chicken Thigh $5

BBQ Seafood
Large Squid $4.50
Large Tiger Prawns $10
Sambal Sting Ray $4.50
Black Pomfret $4.50
BBQ Crab $4.50 normal/ $5.50 XL

Noodles & Pasta
$6, $8, $12
Ubin Fried Noodles
Ubin Fried Beehoon
Boss Beehoon
Beef Hor Fun Black Bean Sauce
Seafood Hor Fun Egg Sauce
Seafood Beehoon
Seafood Crispy Noodles

$12, $18, $24
Pork Trotter Beehoon Ubin Style
Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle Special
KL Style Mah Mee
Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Marinara (White Wine or Tomato based)
Ee Mee with Big Prawn Head ($6.50 per 100g)

$8, $12, $16
Old Punggol Style Mee Goreng
Seafood Mee Sua

Herbal Chicken Soup $24
Fish Maw & Crabmeat Soup $48, $68
Sharksfin & Crabmeat soup $68, $88

$12, $18, $24
Bitter Gourd with Seafood Soup
Salted Vegetable and Beancurd Soup
Hot & Sour Soup

Steam Jasmine Rice $0.50 per bowl

$8, $12, $14
Ubin Seafood Fried Rice
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Sambal Fried Rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice

$10, $16, $18
Crab Meat Fried Rice
Smoked Pork Fried Rice

Special Crab Meat Fried Rice $6, $8, $10 (Additional charge for crab)
Lap Mei Fan $12, $18, $24
Seafood Paella $12, $18, $24

New Ubin Seafood Restaurant Menu

This is truly an extensive menu they have. There is the usual stuff you would find at a Zi Char (Tze Char) Stall, and they also go the extra mile with their selection of Western style meats as well as BBQ Seafood. Do check out their promotions like 1 for 1 lobsters and 2+1 Crabs.

You can download a pdf version of their menu here Ubin Seafood Menu

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies

Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies

 I've been craving their yam porridge for 3 weeks now and each time I go to Shunfu market. I find this stall closed ! I discovered that they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays which are the days I have been finding my cravings the strongest.

I usually come here on weekends for breakfast. They seem to make more of everything on the weekends knowing that there will be a bigger crowd. Today (Wednesday) the porridge was already sold out at 1030am.

I decided on the Soon Kueh and Yam Cake (Orh Kueh). Was quite pricey actually because 1 Soon Kueh costs $1.10. But definitely worth it because I love the chewy sticky texture of the skin and the delicious filling. I found out that they use the Suan Pan Zi (Abacus) dough and roll it very thin to make the skin, thats why it is quite different from other Soon Kueys.

The yam cake here is also very reliable as it is a significant grey color which I assume that they have put a considerable amount of yam to give it the color and authentic taste. You can feel the sticky texture and yam flavor.

They are well known for the Suan Pan Zi (Abacus) as these are a very traditional Hakka food and is not often found in hawker centres or even restaurants. They taste sticky and doughy like Italian gnocchi pasta. Though it is also sticky and chewy, I'm not a fan of it.

Hakka Food Upper Thomson Road

Main Outlet : 320 Shunfu Road #02-26
Shunfu Mart Food Centre
Wednesday- Sunday 730am - 1pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Contact Suzanna 97990397

Branch: Blk 529 Hougang Ave 6 #01-245
Closed on Monday
Contact Stella 86919964

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS Nuffnang Blogger Competition

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS Nuffnang Blogger Competition

Here I'm wearing my Skechers Women Shape-Ups LIV- Swell Athletic Shoes in Grey and Pink. I matched it with a red baseball inspired stripe tee and a black tennis skirt. 
Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS
Outfit chosen to match my Skechers
Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS
Looking at my comfy shoes 

See how the base of the shoe is curved. This means that you are actually working your calves to balance your weight when you are walking or running. The diagonal SmartShoe bottom design makes it a toning shoe that is a Skechers signature.  These 2 factors are the selling points of the shoe and I just knew this was the sports shoe for me. 
Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

The shoe is also very lightweight, it feels like you're walking on air.
So light that I can fly ! 
One hop and I'm in the air. 

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS
Skechers are sporty shoes for jumping around 

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

 Had so much fun taking the photos below I just had to share them. Maybe they would bring laughter to you too. Being creative with this tree while balancing on the low hanging branch.

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS
most natural moment

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS

View the video and take part in this contest too to win a pair of Skechers shoes of your choice. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hungry Planet What The World Eats By Peter Menzel

Hungry Planet What The World Eats By Peter Menzel

Someone posted this article What A Week Of Groceries Looks Like Around The World on Facebook, and my first reaction was "We haven't bought a week of groceries in a long time". Our family is one of those that belong in the 'Eat-Out Culture' where at least 95% of our meals are taken outside the home.

Things we buy when (and if) we go grocery shopping :  Milk, fruits, shampoo, soap, detergent, toothbrush, yakult

Award winning photographer Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluision visited 24 countries and photographed 30 families, showing their weekly food supplies. This photo collection explores the different eating habits around the world, showing us their diet and lifestyle.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Close to home, in Madhya Pradesh, India, the Patkar family spend $39.27 a week.
I can see they are planning to use lots of red onions (which I am not very sure of how to use in cooking).

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
In Yomitan Village, Japan, the Matsuda family spend $214.26 a week. I'm feeling pleased that they use the Japanese curry in a box too (bottom right of table). I also love how this picture depicts that Japanese people live for a long time.

China: The Dong family of Beijing.  Food expenditure for one week: 1,233.76 Yuan or $155.06. Favorite foods: fried shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce.
Dong family in Beijing, China spend $155.06 for one week. Think they are going to have a nice steaming hotpot as I can see the cooker.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
In Kuwait, The Al Haggan family (and their two Nepali servants) spend $221.45 a week. Can't recognise most of the food they use. Ooh can you spot Pita bread ?

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Here is the Batsuuri family in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia spending $40.02 a week. I think they can't buy too much meat because it has to fit inside that small fridge in the back.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
The Manzo family of Palermo spend 214.36 Euros $260.11 a week in Sicily, Italy. Wonder if all those loaves of bread were on discount. Also it's Italy, so I see bags of pasta and canned tomatoes. 6 bottle of sweet drinks and 2 bottles of water?

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Cuernavaca, Mexico where the Casales family spend $189.09 a week. Look at how much Coke they drink. But they also balance it out with a whole table of fruits.

Guatemala: The Mendozas of Todos Santos - Food expenditure for one week: 573 Quetzales or $75.70. Family Recipe: Turkey Stew and Susana Perez Matias's Sheep Soup.
In Guatemala, The Mendozas spend $75.70 a week. I love their matching outfits. By looking at the amount of carrots and potatos, I think they must be making stews.

Lets take a look at the other end of the spectrum.

Ecuador: The Ayme family of Tingo.  Food expenditure for one week: $31.55. Family recipe: Potato soup with cabbage.
The Ayme family in Tingo, Ecuador spend $31.55 a week and look at how many mouths they feed. The key to making bananas last is that you buy them in varying degrees of ripeness. The green ones will turn yellow as the week progresses so no bananas spoil and you have fresh, ripe bananas everyday.

Mali: The Natomos of Kouakourou - Food expenditure for one week: 17,670 francs or $26.39. Family Recipe: Natomo Family Rice Dish.
The Natomos in Mali spend $26.39 a week. Milk for the babies and lots of rice and beans for the rest.

Bhutan: The Namgay family of Shingkhey Village.  Food expenditure for one week: 224.93 ngultrum or $5.03. Family recipe: Mushroom, cheese and pork.
I shall end off with Bhutan, the happiest country in the world. The Namgay family in Shingkhey Village spend $5.03 each week. They have much more mouths to feed. Perhaps they have some more food which is homegrown not shown in the picture?

Hungry Planet What The World Eats

Doing research for this post has opened my eyes to see that I am really fortunate to live in Singapore. There is plenty of meat and vegetables and pretty much anything to eat here. I also see that planning goes into creating meals and thus grocery lists. I usually pop by to NTUC or ShengSiong to buy the ingredients whenever I want to cook something. That would be quite time consuming method if I were to be cooking everyday for a family of 5 or 6. So many different choices and lifestyles we have around the world.

What do you buy when grocery shopping and how much do you spend ??
I would love to hear from you.
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