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Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Reviews

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Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Reviews

I had a sudden craving for Korean Ginseng Chicken with Glutinous Rice. Thankfully, my family agreed to have our Saturday dinner at Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant (Upper Thomson). Due to the haze, mum had asked if we could go to Parker's Korean Food instead. But I told her we wanted to do a review for Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant so she said ok.

When we arrived at 8+pm, Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant was full and there was a short queue...
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Upper Thomson Road Singapore Full
A Full Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant at Upper Thomson Road Singapore on a Hazy 8pm Saturday
Just as my mum was about to say "Let's eat at Tomoe (next door Japanese Restaurant) instead", the waitress informed us that we could sit upstairs.

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant 2nd Floor Stairs
Stairs to Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant 2nd Floor 
It was a real surprise to all of us that there is an 'upstairs' for Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant. And it's no wonder we didn't know...

The door to the 2nd Floor is usually "camouflaged" like this :
Secret Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant 2nd Floor Door
"Secretive" Door to Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant 2nd Floor 
The 2nd floor is quite cozy. It only has enough space to fit about 4 families... and the walls have an interesting print and texture. Very different from the restaurant space on the first floor.
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant 2nd Floor Walls
Notice the walls of Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant 2nd Floor...
Since Mum just returned from her Korean trip, I asked her to recommend what is good. She quite excitedly ordered :
1. Grilled Mackerel
2. Korean Pancake (sister's request)
3. Ginseng Chicken with Glutinous Rice (my request)
4. Korean BBQ Pork Belly (mum's favourite)

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Grilled Mackerel Fish
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Grilled Mackerel
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Korean Pancake
Korean Pancake
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Ginseng Chicken with Glutinous Rice
Ginseng Chicken with Glutinous Rice Soup
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant BBQ Pork Belly
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant BBQ Pork Belly
While waiting for our main courses, the appetizers arrived! (We were quite excited because we were all quite hungry.) The 6 appetizers served (listed according to our favourites) were :
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Appetizers
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Appetizers
1. Spinach and sliced carrots
2. White Radish (marinated till brown)
3. Fishcake with Slices of Green and Red Peppers
4. Mashed Potato
5. Beansprouts
6. Kimchi

I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed their Korean Appetizers. (I recall not really enjoying some other Korean Appetizers I was served in the past.)

Overall Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Reviews :

I think I understand why Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is so popular and has quite a few branches around Singapore. I'm not a huge fan of Korean Food, and I really enjoyed the Korean Pancake and Korean BBQ Pork Belly!!!

The Ginseng Chicken with Glutinous Rice is not salty, which is a plus for me. But, I did not enjoy the grilled mackerel, which I found to be too fishy - I had to dip the fish into all the different sauces to mask the smell. In the end, I gave up on the grilled mackerel.

Our bill came to less than $98, which is definitely not expensive for the large amount of food we had to eat.

Oh, a tip for a couple visiting Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant... the Korean Pancake is yummy... but really too big for 2 people I think !
Excellent Reviews for Large Korean Pancake at Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant !

Hope this Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Reviews whets your appetite and encourages you to visit them. I recommend it! 

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Upper Thomson Road Menu

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Upper Thomson Road Menu

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Upper Thomson Road Menu


1. So Bulkogi (Thin slices of tender beef marinated in special sauce) $16
2. Doiji Bulkogi (Thin slices of pork marinated in special sauce) $14.50
3. Dak Bulkogi (Thin slices of chicken marinated in special sauce) $14.50
4. Godungeo Gui (Grilled whole fish - Mackerel) $19
5. Yookgae-Jang (Spicy beef soup with shredded beef and vegetable) $16
6. Kimchi-Chigea (Famous Kimchi stew with tofu in claypot) $14.50
7. Doinjang-Chigea (Traditional Korean bean paste stew with bean curd and vegetable, zucchini) $14.50
8. Soondubu-Chigea (Watery bean curd stew with egg, mild spicy) $14.50
9. Seollung-Tang (Milky beef bone soup with noodle) $16
10. O Deng-Tang (Assorted korean fish cake soup with white carrots) $15
11. Samgyea-Tang (Spring chicken stew stuffed with korean ginseng root, glutinous rice and herbs) $25
12. Yeongyang Kalbi-Tang (Clear beef soup with chestnut and gingko nut) $16
13. Hae Jang Guk (Beef soup with lots of vegetables, known as hangover soup) $16
14. Bibim-Bab (Assorted vegetable and fried egg on top of rice in clay bowl) $16
15. Hoi Deop-Bab (Steamed rice with slices of raw fish and vegetable) $20
16. Kimchi Bokum-Bab (Fried rice mixed with kimchi and optional marinated meat [beef, chicken,pork]) $15
17. Dduck Pok Ki (Stir fried rice cake with sweet and hot chilli sauce) $15
18. Jab Chae (Stir fried korean glass noodle with vegetables) $16


1. Saeng Kalbi (Non-marinated prime beef- short rib) $28
2. Doi Ji Mok-Sal (Pork shoulder meat marinated in special sauce) $22
3. Yangnyum Kalbi (Traditional style beef short ribs marinated in special sauce) $27
4. La Kalbi (Modern style beef short ribs marinated in special sauce) $23
5. Samgyeop-Sal (Sliced pork belly to be cooked in the kitchen) $20
6. Yuk Hoi (Seasoned fresh raw beef with fresh pears, eggyolk) $28


1. Kimchi Jeyuk Bokeum (Stir fried kimchi with pork belly slices) $18
2. Nakji-Bokeum (Stir fried octopus and vegetables, very spicy) $26 + $3noodle
3. Hae Mool Jeon (Korean Pan Cake mixed with vegetable and seafood) $16 


1. Mool Naeng Myun (Cold buckwheat noodle soup) $18
2. Bi Bim Naeng Myun (Cold buckwheat noodle dry) $18
3. Jajangmyun (Noodle with fried meat and special soy bean paste) $15
4. Dduk Man Du Gook (Korean dumpling soup with slices cake) $15


Soo Jung Kwa $2
Sik Hye $2


Chamiseul Soju $23
Maggeolli Rice Wine $23
Baekseju Ginseng Wine $27
Bokbunja Korean Raspberry Wine $29
Korean Hite Beer $6

Corkage charges : $20 per bottle of wine, $40 per bottle of liquor

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Upper Thomson Road Menu

Check out the real thing at 
Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Upper Thomson Road Menu

265 Upper Thomson Rd  Singapore 574392
6452 2112

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Little Pancakes Review

Little Pancakes Review

It's a very hazy afternoon here in Singapore. But we braved the sun and haze to eat at Little Pancakes for lunch. Though it's along the main road, within Thomson Imperial Court, the shop is small and might not catch your attention. What caught me by surprise is that the place was 50% full on a Monday, just less than half an hour after opening, and also in the bad haze condition. Their business is doing well :)

Little Pancakes Review

cute pancake mascots

What's on the menu?   

Little Pancakes Review

Ordered the pancakes with sausages. All sets come with garden salad and potato salad. 
The mini pancakes are bite sized and fun and the overall size of the portion was good. I don't like pancake overkill when some places come with 3 really big pancakes that I can't finish eating. The texture of the pancakes were made just right without being dry or soggy and the combination tastes really good on its own. Spread more butter and maple syrup if you like your food more flavorful.

The only thing that confused me was that the cute maple syrup holder was too small, and I couldn't dip my pancakes. Instead, I had to pour it over my food. Note in the picture that it's even smaller than one pancake.

I'm also a big fan of potato salad, and the one they serve is yummy. Wonder if they will let me take away a side of potato salad in future?

Little Pancakes Review

Apple Yakult Love. Can't decide if it's poured straight out of the Yakult bottles into this cute glass mug, or mixed with something else. But for a Yakult lover, I like it and it's also my Yakult fix for the day. Comes in 2 other flavors Orange and Lychee. They also serve iced frappucinos, coffee and teas. 

Overall Little Pancakes Review

I like that they are very focused in their offering. Pancakes.Take it or leave it. There is also this wonderful buttery smell when you enter the door that will make any hungry person drool. Now I know that when I have a craving for pancakes, there is a budget-friendly and delicious place nearby as an alternative to Strictly Pancakes which requires more travel time.

It's a great place to eat before you do any grocery shopping because there's a Sheng Siong Supermarket just downstairs. There is also a dry cleaner, enrichment classes and spa located next door. Very convenient to pop by for a snack.

Little Pancakes Review

Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road #01-04 Thomson Imperial Court 
Singapore 574424
Tel: 62588515

Opening Hours: 
Monday 1pm - 11pm
Wednesday - Friday 1pm - 11pm
Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 9pm 
*Closed on Tuesdays 
* Open on Public Holidaysa

Little Pancakes Menu

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Little Pancakes Menu Upper Thomson Road

Want to research Little Pancakes Menu before your visit?  See what they have to offer here...

Little Pancakes Savoury MenuSavoury Little Pancakes
Big Fan of All Day Breakfast $10.90 
Ham and Cheesy Little Pancakes $8.50
Chick and Cheesy (little pancakes with little sausages) $8.50

Asian Little Pancakes
Singaporeans Unite Little Pancakes$7.50
Just Butter and Sugar Lah! $6.90
Mr Bean Turns Red (azuki beans with green tea ice-cream and little pancakes) $8.50
The Little Chendol $6.90

Little Pancakes Sweet Menu
Sweet Little Pancakes
My Fruity Pie Little Pancakes $8.90
Going Nutella For You Little Pancakes $8.20
Something Blue (Blueberry Little Pancakes) $8.50
Simple and Sweet Little Pancakes $6.50
Peanut Butter Time Little Pancakes $8.20
Gimme Smore Oreos $8.20
Strawberries or Me $8.50
Ape about Bananas $7.50

The unusual little pancake flavours on the menu are :
1. 'The Little Chendol' and
2. 'Gimme Smore Oreos'.
I'm not really an adventurous eater. So we had the 'Chick and Cheesy'. My first impression of the 'Chick and Cheesy' was "This tastes like McGriddles..." So if you love McGriddles, my bet is you will love Chick and Cheesy Little Pancakes. 

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Astons Express Upper Thomson Review

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Here's my review of Astons Express Upper Thomson...

Astons Express Upper Thomson is located in a corner coffee shop along Upper Thomson Road. The great thing about this place is that it's super near my home. In fact, my family's favourite zi char shop used to occupy the shop space that Astons Express Upper Thomson now operates in. It's so close that we used to walk to this corner coffee shop almost every weekend to have dinner!

Observing the crowd, Astons Express Upper Thomson is popular with many residents in the area. There's always a good number of people ordering, eating in or taking away lunch and dinner during weekdays and weekends. When it first opened, the queue was very long. And since the coffeeshop doesn't have aircon, waiting for our food can be a sweaty and uncomfortable experience. In addition, since the road is very close by, the sounds can get quite loud, especially during peak hours.  

However, there have been improvements since Astons Express @ Upper Thomson first opened...

  • Potted plants have been placed between the road and the tables to minimize road noise.
  • The food pick-up system is much more efficient since they implemented the use of a device that blinks when your order is ready. 
  • Additional overhead fans have been installed to help patrons stay cool while waiting for our meal.  
In conclusion, if you are craving for Astons, there's no harm parking your car nearby and taking a short walk to eat at Astons Express Upper Thomson. After all, dessert shops - Rocher Beancurd / Tau Huey, Scoopz Ice Cream and Dessert House - are just next door! The Upper Thomson Road night view is quite pretty too, with all the shophouses lighted up. ^_^

Little Part 1 Cafe Review

Little Part 1 Cafe Review

Though Little Part 1 Cafe has been open since 2008, I just discovered this place exactly 2 days ago. It's in a tucked away corner on Jasmine Lane, which is the next turning after Thomson Plaza carpark.

Little Part 1 Cafe Review

We sat at the first table next to the door which gave really nice natural light to take photos. Scorching hot sun out today, so we chose to sit indoors. Hope to sit outdoors and enjoy the alfresco feel on my next visit. 

What's on the menu?
Went there for lunch and ordered the Beef Quesadilla, Shepherds Pie and Original Spicy Buffalo Wings. I have to say that the food was really good and I was pleased with our selections. 

Little Part 1 Cafe Review

For drinks, sis had the strawberry smoothie and i ordered a Summerberry Cider from Cheeky Rascal. Love the quirky name. It's a 100% real fruit blend cider from Mornington Peninsula Australia using fresh fruits. Reminiscent of my time studying University in Melbourne. The makers of Cheeky Rascal own the Sunny Ridge strawberry farm in Mornington Peninsula which I visited quite a few times for strawberry picking. 

Little Part 1 Cafe Review
other ciders available

Cider is just an awesome drink for a lazy sunny afternoon. Definitely try Cheeky Rascal cider as an alternative to Rekorderlig that we are more familiar with.

Overall Little Part 1 Cafe Review

Food was excellent and price decent. Decor has the just-right laid back feel you would expect from a cafe setting. I like that the place wasn't too crowded on Saturday lunch time (though i noticed more people coming in after we sat down). Mostly, I love that it's on Upper Thomson Road, which means its near home ! No need to travel far away for a unique and memorable afternoon experience.  

Thank you Little Part 1 Cafe for adding to the cafe-scape of Upper Thomson Road Area !! 

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road 

Opening Hours:
Sunday- Thursday 12 noon - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 12 noon - 12 midnight
Closed on Monday
Rest time 3 pm -  5.30pm Weekdays

Little Part 1 Cafe Menu

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Little Part 1 Cafe Menu

Little Part 1 Cafe Menu Photo
Tasting Little Part 1 Cafe Menu
Hoo! I'm still full from my meal at Little Part 1 Cafe... their menu was very enticing, and has LOTS of variety. Here's part of the Little Part 1 Cafe Menu that was interesting to me...

Little Part 1 Cafe Food Menu

Original Spicy Buffalo Wings $10.90
Outback BBQ Buffalo Wings $10.90
Mint Miley Buffalo Wings $10.90
Wholegrain Mustard Buffalo Wings $10.90
Smelly Cheese Buffalo Wings $10.90

The first thing I said was "No smelly cheese please..." Mattin smiled and decided on the Original Spicy.  I admit I was a little disappointed because the 'Mint Miley' flavour seemed interesting to me. The Miley Buffalo Wings description reads : sweet and refreshing, but honestly, they got me at 'Mint' (hehe). Still, I surprisingly enjoyed the original spicy buffalo wings more than I thought I would. So I recommend ordering their Buffalo Wings ^_^

Mini Chicken Debreziner (mildly spicy and smoked mini german sausages) $8.90
Beef Quesadilla $10.90
Poached Mussels $10.90
Fish Leiste (herb-breaded fish nibbles) $10.90
Chicken Leiste (breaded chicken nibbles) $10.90
Nacho Chips $7.90
Curried Fries $7.90
Plain Fries $6.90

Sister ordered Beef Quesadilla, which we later discovered is very similar to the Shepherd's Pie I ordered.
** NOTE : Just in case you think of ordering 'Nacho Chips' AND Beef Quesadilla, do take note that Beef Quesadilla already comes with a side of Nachos topped with mayonnaise... so you don't "double-order" nachos if you're a small-eater like me.

House Salad $13.90
Silken Tofu Salad $15.90
Crispy Chicken Salad $15.90
Smoked Salmon Salad $16.90

I'm not really a salad person (I didn't even finish the side salad that came with my Shepherd's Pie...) So, I didn't bother to read the salad menu. Although at first glance, 'Silken Tofu Salad' seems interesting.

Chicken Schnitzel $18.90
Bratwurst Brat $18.90
Fish and Chips $16.90
Shepherd's Pie $16.90
Irish Beef Stew (weekends only) $21.90
Belgian Fish and Mussel Stew $21.90
Honey Roasted Barbeque Ribs Half-$22.90, Full-$32.90

Smoked Salmon Crepe $18.90
Classic Italiano Crepe $16.90
Louisiana Crepe $18.90
Pomodoro Chicken $18.90
Scallopini Chicken $18.90
Three Cheese Spinach Crepe $17.90
Four Cheese Crepe $18.90
Mixed Green Crepe $16.90

Now, as I type out the Little Part 1 Cafe Menu, I realize it says 'Don't Waste, Let Us Know If You Don't Eat Salad'... now I know...

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5 Upper Thomson Road Food Places People Recommend

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5 Upper Thomson Road Food Places People Recommend...

1. Little Part 1 Cafe : Unusual

Want to hang out and eat somewhere UNUSUAL? Little Part 1 Cafe is a cosy, special Upper Thomson Road Food Place people recommend because it's located in a relatively unknown shophouse area off the main Upper Thomson Road. Since its location is rather unusual and 'off-the-beaten-track', I bet even people living in District 20 don't know this place! If you don't drive, you may find it fun and adventurous walking along the (sometimes very busy) Upper Thomson main road before turning into Jasmine Road to get to Little Part 1 Cafe.
[Click here to read Little Part 1 Cafe Review and Little Part 1 Cafe Menu]

2. Old School Delights : Retro

Feeling SENTIMENTAL? Old School Delights is a Upper Thomson Food Place People Recommend because of its retro design and retro good food. Find yourself back in time at Old School Delights where you'll find many reminders of 'Old Singapore'. A real bonus is playing traditional games like 'Five Stones', 'Kuti Kuti' and 'Snakes and Ladders' FOR FREE with your deliciously fulfilling meal or snacks (yummy butter cakes or traditional desserts like Chendol) at Old School Delights.

3. Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant : Satisfy Korean Food Cravings

Can't wait to fly all the way to Korea to enjoy delicious Korean food? Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant is a nice Upper Thomson Road Food Place People Recommend to satisfy your Korean food cravings. Visit Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant for yourself to taste how good the food is.
[Click here to read Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Reviews and Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant Menu)]

4. Little Pancakes : All Day Breakfast

Hate waking up early to eat breakfast? Who needs to when there's Little Pancakes? This Upper Thomson Road Food Place People Recommend is another 'hidden gem' along the main Upper Thomson Road. The pancakes are mini-sized and suitable for dessert. It works as a dessert place because Little Pancakes only closes at 11pm (except on Sunday). Lots of unusual pancake varieties.

5. Habitat Coffee : Chic

Over time, Habitat Coffee has evolved into a place for 'artistic people' to hang out along Upper Thomson Road. (Perhaps its the growing number of music and dance schools being set up along Upper Thomson Road?) This Upper Thomson Road Food Place People Recommend has a clean, chic feel. Don't be misled into thinking the space is very small. There's additional seating 'hidden' within the shophouse. The food and drinks are decent and reasonably priced. And I hear they serve gourmet coffee.

Looking for a Recommended Upper Thomson Road Food Trail Accessible By Walking?

Just visit in this order...

Little Pancakes -> Old School Delights -> Habitat Coffee -> Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant -> Little Part 1 Cafe

Woo! That's a lot of food and drink to digest in a day... Have Fun and Good Luck!