Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Part 1 Cafe Menu

Little Part 1 Cafe Menu

Little Part 1 Cafe Menu Photo
Tasting Little Part 1 Cafe Menu
Hoo! I'm still full from my meal at Little Part 1 Cafe... their menu was very enticing, and has LOTS of variety. Here's part of the Little Part 1 Cafe Menu that was interesting to me...

Little Part 1 Cafe Food Menu

Original Spicy Buffalo Wings $10.90
Outback BBQ Buffalo Wings $10.90
Mint Miley Buffalo Wings $10.90
Wholegrain Mustard Buffalo Wings $10.90
Smelly Cheese Buffalo Wings $10.90

The first thing I said was "No smelly cheese please..." Mattin smiled and decided on the Original Spicy.  I admit I was a little disappointed because the 'Mint Miley' flavour seemed interesting to me. The Miley Buffalo Wings description reads : sweet and refreshing, but honestly, they got me at 'Mint' (hehe). Still, I surprisingly enjoyed the original spicy buffalo wings more than I thought I would. So I recommend ordering their Buffalo Wings ^_^

Mini Chicken Debreziner (mildly spicy and smoked mini german sausages) $8.90
Beef Quesadilla $10.90
Poached Mussels $10.90
Fish Leiste (herb-breaded fish nibbles) $10.90
Chicken Leiste (breaded chicken nibbles) $10.90
Nacho Chips $7.90
Curried Fries $7.90
Plain Fries $6.90

Sister ordered Beef Quesadilla, which we later discovered is very similar to the Shepherd's Pie I ordered.
** NOTE : Just in case you think of ordering 'Nacho Chips' AND Beef Quesadilla, do take note that Beef Quesadilla already comes with a side of Nachos topped with mayonnaise... so you don't "double-order" nachos if you're a small-eater like me.

House Salad $13.90
Silken Tofu Salad $15.90
Crispy Chicken Salad $15.90
Smoked Salmon Salad $16.90

I'm not really a salad person (I didn't even finish the side salad that came with my Shepherd's Pie...) So, I didn't bother to read the salad menu. Although at first glance, 'Silken Tofu Salad' seems interesting.

Chicken Schnitzel $18.90
Bratwurst Brat $18.90
Fish and Chips $16.90
Shepherd's Pie $16.90
Irish Beef Stew (weekends only) $21.90
Belgian Fish and Mussel Stew $21.90
Honey Roasted Barbeque Ribs Half-$22.90, Full-$32.90

Smoked Salmon Crepe $18.90
Classic Italiano Crepe $16.90
Louisiana Crepe $18.90
Pomodoro Chicken $18.90
Scallopini Chicken $18.90
Three Cheese Spinach Crepe $17.90
Four Cheese Crepe $18.90
Mixed Green Crepe $16.90

Now, as I type out the Little Part 1 Cafe Menu, I realize it says 'Don't Waste, Let Us Know If You Don't Eat Salad'... now I know...

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