Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Closed] Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors

[Closed] Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors

Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors
Ice Cream
1 scoop $3.50 standard/ $4.50 premium
2 scoops $6 standard/ $7 premium
Takeaway pints $10 standard/ $12 premium

Cakes and Waffles
Waffle Cone $0.80
Belgian Waffle $3.50
Brownie $3.50
Lava Cake $4.50

Milkshake $7++
Ice Cream Float $5++
Affogato $5++

Espresso / Long Black $2.80
Cappuccino/ Latte $3.50
Hot Chocolate $4
Hot Tea $2.50
Soft Drinks $1.50
Mineral Water $1.50

+Ice for Coffee or Tea $0.50
+Toppings $0.50

Neli Ice Cream Thomson Menu and Flavors

Black Sesame
-nutty fragrance Goma icecream
Brandied Cherry Choc
-brandied cherries are generously swirled into a chocolate base for maximum pleasure
Butterscotch Nuts
-a decadent whisky ice cream base paired with buttered walnuts
-hot caramelised milk frozen into a scoop
Caramel Delight (Christmas special)
-Caramel icecream, white chocolate, cranberries. Santa's luvin it
Chocolate Banana
-chocolate banana icecream with chunks of sea salt caramelised bananas
Dark Chocolate
-contains Valrhona chocolate, lots of it.
Chrysanthemum Sorbet
-refreshing chrysanthemum sorbet with wolfberries
-made with coconut milk and coconut flakes for maximum flavor and double the fun
Cookies & Cream
-full of cookies
Earl Grey
-use premium tea leaves for a strong brew
Green Tea
-like frozen matcha latte
Honey Pumpkin (Halloween Special)
-Halloween special treat
-Malted milk ice cream paired with oatmeal squares
-perfect blend of coffee and Valrhona chocolate
Lemon Sorbet
-mouth puckering delight sure to please those who love lemons
Pear Sorbet
-packs a powerful punch of pear proportions
Peanut Butter
Peppermint Frost (Christmas special)
-peppermint icecream with after eights and marshmallows
Ribena Sorbet
-chilled version of the blackcurrant drink
Rum Raisins
-our raisins had a pool party in the rum
Sea Salt Chocolate
-sweet and salty combo
Stout Chocolate
-dark(er) side of beer with this potent pint (pun intended)
-scraped every last bit of vanilla beans so the icecream is polka dotted with black specks

Neli Ice Cream Thomson

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  1. Hi.. This shop has shuttered already...
    Pity though as the competition over ice cream is very intense...