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New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming Review

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming Review

Nestled in one of the industrial areas of Sin Ming, facing auto repair shops, Ubin Seafood is a place which requires effort to get to. It's located right at the end of the lane and would be quite a distance to walk in. The parking area looks quite dark and secluded though the food is well worth it.

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
just SOME of the food they have on menu 
Opened in !986, Ubin Seafood has expanded their culinary expertise to serve not only fresh seafood and traditional zi char, but also a Singaporean take on American, French, Italian and Indian cuisines. I seriously questioned why there was such a mashup of different styles on offer, but I believe that what matters is the quality of the food. I'm sure they had to be pretty confident that everything on the menu is delicious in order to include it. 

First up, we were informed of their promotion to receive a FREE lime juice drink. Just 'Like' their Facebook page or Check-in to the restaurant and show it to the staff. The auntie stood beside us and watched as we did it, then proudly announced that we can get the free drinks. Quite a good tactic when implemented fervently by the staff. 

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Stir Fried Vegetable 
Vegetable for the night. Served with small prawns (Hey Bi) and Seaweed. Can tell that the chef pays attention to detail as the stems were peeled slightly, making it soft and juicy. No chewy fibrous taste in the mouth. 
New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Salted Egg Squid
The picture in the menu looked very good so we ordered the Salted Egg Yolk Squid. The squid was cooked just nice, soft and chewy. Though it wasn't the usual deep fried Calamari style I was expecting, I think this version is healthier.

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Star of the night: Angus Ribeye
When I think of beef at a Zi Char stall, I'd think of black bean sauce, spring onion and ginger or even black pepper sauce. However, reviews were all raving about this Angus Ribeye steak, so we definitely had to order it. We chose to have it done Medium-Well because my friend doesn't like bloody meat. I think it is done really well because it retains the juicy flavor with a very nice texture. Apparently, the mark of a good chef is making Well-done beef taste good. Ubin Seafood has really set the mark here. The price is definitely reasonable at $10 per 100g. Minimum cuts start at 500g.

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
This beef fried rice is fried using the remaining fat and oil from the above steak. Was shocked when I first saw someone say this fried rice costs $50. I was like "Is the Beef Fried Rice at Ubin Seafood really $50??!!". Really breathed a sigh of relief when the beef fried rice and steak comes in a set. So it's really worth it to get 2 things for the price of 1.

On first glance it looked like Claypot rice, dark in color, with this chaota (burnt) black bits. I am guessing that those burnt looking things are fats or tendons? 

Anyway it is definitely something I have never tasted. The rice is oily without tasting too heavy. I especially liked eating the beef and the fried rice together, as shown below. 

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
2 in 1 goodness in every mouthful 

New Ubin Seafood Sin Ming
Let's Eat ! 

New Ubin Seafood Beef

The star of the night if the Beef at New Ubin Seafood. The meat is chunky, juicy and tender. I think it is cooked very well and makes it good for sharing as compared to eating an entire slab of steak as a main course. It comes with potato wedges and caramelized onions. Haven't eaten such good caramelized onions in awhile. It is definitely a must try.

Visit their website for more Ubin Seafood Signature Dishes

Ubin Seafood 
Blk 27 Sin Ming Road (Behind Blk 26)
Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A 
Singapore 575680 
Tel 6466 9558 
Mon - Fri 11am-2pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm Last Order
Sat & Sun 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm- 10.30pm Last Order 

Advised to make booking on their website or call reservation for Fri, Sat & Sun dinner. 

Click here to see a list of the menu New Ubin Seafood Menu

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